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Rock Ice & Mountain Club – New General Meeting Location Announcement

The Rock Ice & Mountain Club is very excited to announce that we have a new general meeting location. We will be holding our general meetings at the Epicenter Sports and Entertainment facility located at 3215 Coffey Lane in Santa Rosa. This is an incredible facility with a variety of fun activities for the entire family. More importantly, they have a great conference room at the Victory House where we will have our general meetings. The Victory House has a full bar and menu where we can order food and drinks at the meetings. We are stoked to start this new chapter in our club.

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Local and regional climbers have a real and immediate access threat to Sunset Rocks at Goat Rock on the Sonoma Coast. It came to the attention of the climbing community very recently that the most recent revision to the Sonoma Coast State Park Fee Proposal includes the construction of a fee collection entrance station (kiosk) right at the location where we park and access Sunset Rocks. This proposed kiosk location eliminates essential parking and access to Sonoma County’s premiere climbing location for recreational climbers and for permitted groups that take young and new climbers out to experience this amazing climbing location and teach climbing and outdoor stewardship. Beyond this specific access threat for climbers, the proposed fee program, if approved by the California Coastal Commission, will install pay stations (kiosks) at Bodega Head, Goat Rock and Willow Creek and self pay stations (iron rangers) at Stump Beach, Shell Beach and Freezeout Creek. The Rock Ice & Mountain Club is taking an active role to oppose the Sonoma Coast State Park Fee Proposal, with support from the Access Fund, B-Rad Foundation, Vertex Climbing Center and the Bay Area Climbers Coalition. We are joining forces with Surfrider Foundation and many other local … READ MORE

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